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Program Calendar

The program will run as a session and each session will have 2 terms. Each participant will attend the 1st term for 2 months. Classes will be twice a month, giving a total of 4 classes. There will be a break of 2 months then after the 2nd term of 2 months with 4 classes will take place. So a session comprises of 8 classes in total.

This implies that the 2 terms will be running concurrently to accommodate for the different categories. The program will run the sessions throughout the year with new terms every two months for different sets of participants starting from the 1st term, or continuing with the 2nd term.

The classes will be fixed on a weekday preferably in the evenings. Each class will hold for a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes.


Participant Groups

The program will be open to participants from their 1st trimester; however admission will also be given to those who join along the way in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. Typically, the timetable for women as they register to join the program will be as thus:

  • 1st/Early trimester – 1 -3months- Starts from 1st term of the session
  • 2nd/Mid-trimester- 3-6months- Starts from 1st term of the session
  • 3rd/Late trimester – 6-9 months- Starts from 2nd term of the session

Every participant starts from the 1st term before going to the 2nd term. There will be a concession for women that are in their 3rd Trimester and join the program. They will start from the 2nd term but will attend a sandwich course for the 1st term classes. These will be an extra hour after the normal scheduled classes.

Note that Husbands will also be invited for some of the classes.