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  • Pastor Chris Visited Caesarian Ruins, During The Holy Land Tour 2018
    January 20-27, 2018 7.00AM Jerusalem, Israel

    Pastor Chris on Day 6 of the Holy Land tour alongside multiracial delegates from over 5 continents of the world, traveled to Caesarea, where they visited the historic Christian and Jewish sites. The ruins are rich in history, and remain until today for people to visit and explore. The history behind Caesarea is ever so great, and it has been told that Philip the Apostle used to live in Caesarea, and it was where Paul was imprisoned.

    Delegates on the tour began their visit to Caesarea, on the ancient steps of the famous Amphitheatre of Ceasaria, where it has been stated, Emperor Tiberious and Pontius Pilate had a connection to. It is in fact, the only archeological evidence of the Pilate’s existence. Ceasaria is also the place where Pether baptized Cornelius, mentioned in Acts 10, and where it has been stated that Paul spent a lot of his time.

    There was a visit also to Caesarea’s Antiquities park, located right beside the amphitheater, which features remains of ancient Roman port city. The excavations and buildings from different periods represent the thousands of years of history and battles that occurred.

    At the same time, the other participating group in Jordan visited Petra, the historical and archeological city that is famous for its rock cut architecture. This also happens to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan, as it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. According to some, Petra is Sela, mentioned in the Old Testament. They then enjoyed Camel rides and a lunch in Petra.

    Get to read what happened at the charity gala in Olmaya Hall, situated on Jerusalem’s promenade, overlooking the beautiful hills of the city, in subsequent publications.




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