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Pastor Chris Shares on Prosperity in Christ LIVE on ‘Your LoveWorld’ LoveWorld News Correspondent

“We are those that bring water out of the rock!” – Pastor Chris

We are those that bring water out of the rock,” Pastor Chris says as he addresses an expectant global audience in the ongoing eight session of this week’s ‘Your LoveWorld’ praise-a-thon. The man of God emphasizes the importance of knowing who the Christian is as he unveils God’s prosperity plan for every believer!

The crowd is stirred as Pastor teaches how the Christian can live in the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel of Christ. Join the LIVE telecast to learn how to bring the prosperous will of God to pass in your life daily living.

It’s the final day of the special April 2018 edition of ‘Your LoveWorld’, and the man of God, Pastor Chris, is ministering along with other anointed Pastors in both sessions. Watch now on any of the LoveWorld Networks or via CeFLIX by clicking the play button in the thumbnail above.


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