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Pastor Chris Ministers to the Sick

Cancers, diabetes, infertility, heart diseases, blood conditions bow to the Name of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

An unusual atmospheric change heralded the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, amidst jubilation and applause at the first Healing Service of the Autumn Session 2018.

The presence of God was tangible and left the congregants standing and cheering in awe of the power of God released as Pastor Chris ministered to the sick. Shouting, dancing, jumping and celebrations characterized the moments as the students rejoiced for their miracles.

Cancers, peptic ulcers, diabetes, infertility, heart diseases, infectious diseases, HIV and other blood conditions bowed to the blessed Name of Jesus Christ! The young and old alike who were ministered to, demonstrated their healing, doing what they could not do before — free at last!

What a precious time it was, standing in the presence of unprecedented miracles, particularly on Easter Sunday! Follow the Healing School SuperUser account on KingsChat for more inspiring testimonies.

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