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Easter Youth Camp Recap

Int’l Easter Youth Camp concludes in an impartation session, launching attendees into increased grace.

Delegates at the International Easter Youth Camp left the final session with the man of God, Pastor Chris, consumed with inspiration from all that they had learned and received, along with the greatest of all, a unique impartation of the Spirit that characterizes the final meeting.

The anticipation was evident in the time of prayers, display of music and arts, country presentations, testimonies of their experiences and the impact that would follow. Azlan from Uzbekistan, full of the Spirit, declared boldly: “My friends and I were determined to win five thousand souls after the 2017 Easter Youth Camp, and we exceeded it. After this program, we will win souls in the hundreds of thousands for Jesus.”

As in previous sessions, the man of God lovingly answered questions, leading the campers through an extraordinary exposé on what Jesus came to do, who the Christian is and the unparalleled role of the Christian youth in the discrete use of media platforms for the furtherance of the gospel around the world in these last days.

Shouts of joy and celebration rent the air as the Word grew mightily during the meeting, culminating in the moment everyone had been waiting for. Pastor Chris began ministering the power of the Spirit in the healing of the sick, the infilling of Spirit, the distribution of special abilities and the impartation of increased grace for the unprecedented harvest of souls in the GYLF. There was a flood of the Spirit, lifting attendees to greater levels of ministry and opening doors of nations for the rapid spread of the gospel, as Pastor Chris led an intercessory prayer segment for nations represented.

In his closing remarks, the BLW President thanked the Director of the GYLF, Pastor Deola Phillips, and all the officials for their work in the successful organization of such an impactful program. A new season has come; the youth are leaving the camp singing new songs of their love for the Master, Jesus, energized with fierce convictions to win their world and poised to come back for the next edition of the International Easter Youth Camp with many more youth won to the Lord.

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