• Positioning The Women as Leaders and decision makers in their households and communities




We empower women and position them as leaders in their society

Christ Embassy Women Empowerment Program (WEP) is a global initiative for women that drives innovation and empowerment from the ground up to enhance independence, brings balance to the society and building each family one at a time—building the society

About Us

WEP mission is to empower women to help the society, better the society and build their families.

Skill Workshops

We teach the women had skills and also enlighten them with seminars and materials on building a home

Registration and admission are free for all women irrespective of age or marital status

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Our Exciting Programs

Christ Embassy Pre Natal Program

Christ Embassy Benin has commenced an impactful training/seminar for every pregnant women in the region. This seminar is all about human capital development for the expectant mothers; giving them new skill-set to enable them to be independent and also on a wider scale have the wherewithal catering for their families. The program has already kicked […]

South South Seminar

It was a glorious time at the south south part of Nigeria, where we held seminar for the pregnant women in the region, lots of topics were covered and we took ample time to teach these women new skills to empower them and thereby improving their societies

Pastor Chris Ministers to the Sick

Cancers, diabetes, infertility, heart diseases, blood conditions bow to the Name of Jesus on Easter Sunday. An unusual atmospheric change heralded the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, amidst jubilation and applause at the first Healing Service of the Autumn Session 2018. The presence of God was tangible and left the congregants standing […]


Thank you Pastor Chris my mentor and teacher, this is infact one of the best forum ever, thank you very much sir for giving us our highly Esteemed pastor Mary Owase … Today’s class for TTC women was inspiring … I’m thanking God for my body is prepared to receive twins in Jesus name. Amen.

Cynthia Richard-Dokubo

Nursing Mother
He was delivered miraculously on the 12th of March 2018 at life hospital, after the first edition of the pregnant women program held in Christ Embassy Erediauwa, Zone 1. The mother fell into labor on that day and could not deliver after intense labor, the doctor had prepared her for a caesarian section, but she refused and faithfully held on to God’s word as declared at the meeting, God came through for her and behold the supernatural baby came out without a CS. Glory!

Little Bryan Ehinomen Kingsley

A child


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